The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination

I am thanking thehappywappyblog for nominating me to this award, which i feel like i don’t deserve because of some things, but i still feel grateful for it and thank you for not just nominating me but for also telling me that I’ve inspired people through my blog. that’s what i’m most thankful for. 😀

check TheHappyWappyBlog if you needed a break from this exhausting world and to take that scowl of your face for a few minutes. (smiling helps to lessen wrinkles guys.)


Here are the rules for those who got nominated, and will be nominated. 🙂

  1. Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

i’m going to nominate other amazing blogs first. (to suspense you guys about knowing something about me, and because i’m still thinking.)

  • Bookyvap – She inspired me to be better and be more honest about my book reviews (she gives great reviews guys, so check her blog.) other than that, she “talks” to her followers. she replies even if i commented 5 hours ago, she would reply. 
  • NewYorkCliche – she’s one of the blogs i followed first since i started my blog, and as New York lover from afar, she keeps me updated with whatever it is that’s happening over there, she also gives advice for tourists and New Yorkers, she inspired me to keep chasing my dreams so i can go to New York one day. (i need money to get there people, and she keeps my inner New Yorker sane while i’m studying).
  • Confessions of a love addict– this girl gives a lot of stories about relationships, and dating, (most of them are about her) and aside from being great at giving words of wisdom about love, she’s also a New Yorker! 🙂 she inspired me to not give up on love yet. (not that i’ve given up already) but a lot of ups and down can happen once you enter the world of relationships and dating. so check her blog too. 😀
  • Thoughts of a lunatic– i don’t know whereto start with this blog. 🙂 she’s just that skeptic of the world, plus she posts great poems. 🙂 i just like reading her posts and she inspires me to see the world from a different angle. 🙂

that’s all the blogs i’m nominating but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who are great at this blogging job. everybody is! i’m not sugarcoating anything people! 

7 facts about Ms. Little Things 

  1. my real nickname is betty. (please don’t tease me about it.)
  2. I can do tongue tricks. yup. tongue. those slithering things inside out mouths who are capable of tasting food for us. yeah. 
  3. I finished a 400-paged book in 23 hours. 🙂 it was The Rising by Kelley Armstrong. i was so into the story and i can’t sleep after finishing the second book so i dove into The Rising at 1 o’clock in the morning and finishing it somewhere between 11-12mn the next day. 🙂 (my folks didn’t know I haven’t slept that day.)
  4. I can play the Ukulele and the Lyre. 🙂 not that i’m so great at playing them.. i just can. 🙂
  5. i can hack an account. before. 🙂 i forgot how to now because i just learned it over the summer a few years back and once i got back to school, i didn’t have the chance to practice it again. 🙂
  6. i can dance. 🙂 i love dance. especially hip hop. and i’ve been a cheerleader for 4 years. not those blonde, bimbo, that shouts letters, wearing too revealing costumes, and just be sexy on the field king of cheerleader. i’m more of those who take cheerleading seriously to win, and those who looked like they ran a marathon while a big fan blasting air from my back. yep. those kind of cheerleading. 😀 oh, did i tell you that i was the one of those people that are being thrown all over the place? and got tossed from left to right? and the one who stands up from other people’s hands, back, shoulder and have to balance myself? yep. those too.
  7. my voice is WAY bigger for my small body. i can’t really explain this ’cause i’ve never been on the receiving end. but even if i’m whispering, it doesn’t sound like whispering to other people. (that’s why i can’t gossip with my friends while we’re in class). my friends told me that i might’ve swallowed a megaphone or a microphone plus the stereo that’s why i’m so loud. 

so that’s it guys! 😀 thanks again for  thehappywappyblog for nominating me! and remember,

enjoy the little things in life. 😀


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