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ALS Ice bucket challenge: for a good cause (not for following trends!)

So i lost my internet for a few days (and it figuratively killed me.) but after 3 of no internet, a lot has happened in the net world…

and it’s the ice bucket challenge.

at first i was like, “what is this for?” , “who would not do this when it’s for their benefit because it’s summer and it’s hot?”, “and what does the ‘ALS’ stand for?” 

well, most people didn’t care about the last question, they just up and put every ice they can put their hands into before putting them all in a bucket and preparing their cameras before doing the challenge. wanna know why? just because it’s trending. 

i was so curious about what the commotion is all about so i went to watch the videos of the hollywood stars doing the challenge and passing it on to their friends. then i saw a post about someone asking if they know what “ALS” is, and if they don’t how dare them to do the challenge… so i googled it. 

and you know what i found? ALS stands for ” Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis” which is a neuron disease which weakens the muscles. and i encountered this word before… 

from Mitch Albom’s best selling book, Tuesdays with Morrie. and i just realized how good this challenge is. because if you read the book, this disease would not be a joke for you. 

i want you guys to know how hard it is for a person to have ALS, and the best way for you to do it, (without reading the wikipedia) is to read Tuesdays with Morrie.

i did a review of it and posted it here. that’s if you want a figure of it before diving into it. 🙂 

i’m still thinking if i’m going to do the challenge, but hmm… i’m in the middle of exams.. so maybe after. 

have a happy day everyone! 😀

enjoy little things in life


3 thoughts on “ALS Ice bucket challenge: for a good cause (not for following trends!)

    1. i know it’s on the rules to thank you… 😀 but i’m not soing this for that. 🙂 i think i’m also too young to be nominated, and to be able to inspire people by the simple things that’s happening in my life, is just… wow. So thank you not just for nominating me, but also telling me that i’ve inspired people through my blog. 🙂 thank you so much! 🙂


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