Little Words of Little Things..

The little girl across from Me

As i sat down on the round table in a mini food court in our church, the table across from me is occupied with a little girl who looks like 5-6 years old. Black straighy hair that is up on a ponytail, leaving her straight cut bangs sticking on her sweating forehead. From the looks of her, she may be Chinese, or maybe she got the looks from her ancestors who may be Chinese….
Ivory white skin, black little Chinese eyes, and a little chubby.

Reminds me of… Me.

She was looking around for something to eat with her father (or I assume he is.) And when she couldn’t find one, she ended up asking for a chocolate drink…
She was so cute, I want to squeeze her when she got her chocolate drink and she jumped on her seat.
Children are like that in a way, simple things make their world better… They just see what they want, and get what they want and they look like the heaven was handed out to them personally by God.

Why is it that when we grow up we become less happy with these little things? Is it because we became more mature? Or maybe because we discovered new things we want and we can’t easily take them? Or is it because we’re using our brain now and see the value of the things around us?

Is awareness a good thing or a bad thing?

That little girl across from me made me think deeply huh?

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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