Little Words of Little Things..

Gone are the carefree human beings…

Two hours ago
We were on our way to Tagaytay City, Philippines to have an eat-all-you-can lunch… After 2 hours of sitting in the car, we arrived in our destination.
The place was nice, airy, and food was delicious. We had a good time eating, and a band played cover songs for us and we had a relaxing time… For a cheap price… (because we have a coupon)

One hour ago…
My Auntie told me that we have an extra coupon, and the coupon’s valid today.. she asked me a favor if going outside of the restaurant and find someone I can give it to.  Someone who would need it.. like a street vendor, or a homeless kid…
Once I stepped out of the restaurant, the things you can see are a few restaurants, a little mall with grocery, and an on-going construction of a condo beside the mall… No homeless kids, or street vendors… People around me are those who can afford to eat atleast twice a day…

45 minutes ago…
I found a tricycle driver in the mall, just waiting for someone to get a ride. I asked him, and kind of convinced him that the coupon is for free, that I’m giving it to him .. and asked him to come with me so my auntie can sign the coupon for him and we can go home..
But he said no. And was polite about it. Saying that he just ate lunch and someone more deserving could have it… He asked to help and I agreed, realizing I’ve been searching for fifteen minutes already…
Thirty minutes ago
The driver approached a guard on the mall and asked him if he knew a fellow guard who isn’t on duty so he can eat at the restaurant… After I discussed everything with them regarding the coupon, and repeating to them that this isn’t a scam and that coupon is real, they all said no…
Between those times I saw a janitress sweeping the floor again and again, even though there’s no dirt in the floor…. So I approached her… She politely declined to me with a smile, and before I could go and find someone else, the previous guard I talked to asked me to leave to leave… Telling me that “selling” the coupon isn’t allowed.
WHAT THE FREAKING PART OF GIVING YOU A FREE EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN LUNCH IS SELLING THERE?! I gave them a f****** proof of the voucher! And that’s how they ushered me out?!
As if your mall is so prestigious that people who look like me are not allowed to go inside?!
Hints on how to know someone has ka-ching:
-i’m wearing a Guess watch
-i’m wearing a Marco Polo shirt
-I’m wearing a chuck Taylors by converse
-holding an HTC phone and a coupon, with signature of my aunt…

When that imbecile guard told me to go away, I got angry and walked out… For all they know, if I’m not afraid of being arrested, I could’ve argued with him and speak every deep English word I know just to intimidate him, and bring out French curses so he won’t understand me bad mouthing him…. But no, I didn’t. Instead I prayed for all of them to bless them because they just declined a blessing, assuming that that blessing isn’t a blessing and/or has a thing in return for you to have it…

When did people become wary around them? Not accepting things anymore unless it has something to do with them? That you don’t have to pay something back just to get a blessing?
When did we become so calculating?

The things we take for granted keeps slipping in our hands… Even if you have death grip to it, it still goes through your hands like water…

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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