starting a new chapter

this week has been eventful for a freshman like me. Why? because i’m preparing myself for the college life!  woohoo! and everything for the next five years of my academics was laid out for me this week. from all the subjects i’m going to take, to the internships in my last year, to the job opportunities that are waiting for me once i get my diploma. (and passing the Board examination).

In case you guys don’t known what program i’m taking, it’s BS Occupational Therapy. 🙂 and getting a run down of what kind of obstacles i’m about to face and defeat is a bit scary… (thinking that i’m not gonna make it till sophomore year because of that damn grading system), but aside from the academics that we have to face in college, there are also a few things that my college life will start in a fresh new page. 

Friends. going to college without one friend with you from high school is a big change. being with the same girls/guys who understands your quirks and whatnots, and still be there by your side are kind of hard to find, but it’s inevitable that you guys would have to break apart for the mean time while you’re all studying at different universities (for reasons like: their dream university or because they didn’t pass the university where you’re going to). so making a new set of friends is hard because you’ll start from a new page. those people you meet in college, they’re practically strangers. and being brave enough to send out that first “hello” to them and making friends with them is not easy. (so don’t belittle friendly persons, ’cause it took them a lot of courage to meet someone). and believe me. getting a new set of friends is like having an audition. those strangers applying to be your friend, and you have that high standard before you give them the role. 

another thing is, the new place to study. university. much bigger, much wider, more places to explore, new sights to see, and new place to get yourself cozy. but you know that feeling you get when you’re at a new place, where you have no idea which way this road goes to and where’s the nearest comfort room? where all roads look the same and you have no idea how to get from this place to that place within 5 minutes? well… being in a university like the one i’m attending to is so big, the walk from the gate to my building takes 5 minutes tops, brisk walking. and almost 12 minutes if i’m just taking a stroll. plus wearing that pencil skirt… well, i can only imagine what i look like while running with that skirt, it doesn’t allow my legs to move. but nevertheless, i’m proud to say my university is a very nice university with that old city feeling to it  that takes you back to the old days and with the open spaces around you, it gives you that breezy and clean air while in the middle of the city. 😀




a lot of things made me feel how much my life is about to change once i dive into the sea called College, but until i then, i’m going to reminisce my high school life and cherish them dearly, and having that special place in my heart.


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