movie clichés that choke me to death (figuratively)

Before I start my “complain” post about cliches, i just want to acknowledge WordPress new design…. okay… moving on…

today has been a slow day with me spending it doing mundane things (that would bore you if i list it down) and when watching movies on HBO crossed my mind i decided to go for it.

well, probably it was a bad idea because of the traditional cliches we watched in various movies. and when a browse through different channels, those cliches are still present.

So after a few hours of watching TV, i collected a few cliches the made my eyes roll.

  • those cliches where the bad guy says sorry to the protagonist and befriends them, acting nice before flipping over and kill (or something) the protagonist saying that it was only an act to get close to him/her. (the reason why you should never trust your enemies once they become your enemies.)
  • then from the cliche up there comes the second one i loathe just as well… the ones where the protagonist survives just about anything. i meant seriously?! a bullet to the chest, or beaten to a bloody pulp, or drinking a poison, but in the end they survived it! it rarely happens in real life people!
  • then those bad guys who never seem to die even if they got stabbed in the chest about a hundred times… i mean, if being a bad guy would give me immunity to death, then why didn’t you say so?! i could have painted the town red or something… maybe invade the tri state area or invade gotham city… 😀
  • how about those movies where a girl is torn between two men who are trying to win her heart out. and eventually falls to the thug-looking but sweet to her guy while the good guy is left with shattered hearts… don’t tell me you guys haven’t read/watched something like this… it’s all over the internet ya know..
  • right now i’m watching this series in the Philippines about a girl whose married to someone she doesn’t love because it was arranged… and it just sucks because those things lead to infidelity and divorce and more money for the lawyers… 



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