Wrong idea to check your Facebook account when the first post you see is about your crush…

So let me start my post with the hour i woke up… which is just an hour before i slept, so in short, i had about less than 60 minutes of sleep when i woke up at 5 o’clock this morning, of June 26th, 2014. 

then when i woke up, i was up ’til 7 in the morning because i was doing the dishes, preparing the breakfast for my family, getting my little cousin ready for school, brought him to school, and cleaned the living room. (a lot of things right?) then when i went back to bed, i was dead asleep. after an hour… yup, just an hour of sleep again, my mom woke me up so we can eat breakfast together, which frustrated me a little bit ’cause why wake me up? can’t they go eat breakfast themselves? can we just eat together tomorrow? BUT no, they want me to get up and eat breakfast with them…. (i’m fine now, by the way… i’m not mad anymore.) then after that, our mom surprised me and my sister by saying that we’re going to do the laundry after we eat. and it’s just…. ugh…we just did the laundry less than 3 days ago, and now we’re going to do it again? how many clothes does the people in this house change everyday? 




then after about two hours of doing the laundry i can finally say that i’m sitting right now in front of my laptop in the dining, writing this blog… because… when i check my Facebook account, i just saw the worst thing that can make me so angry to this day…

my crush just changed his profile picture with himself sitting with a beautiful girl! i mean, seriously life?! you’re punishing me right now? 

i just can’t form any coherent thoughts at the moment…

*croo* *croo*

True...life sucks


!  zorpia.com

Okay…. so i just need to let some steam off. 🙂 enjoy your days guys! 🙂 hope i’m the only one suffering today, ’cause if there are more people who is miserable today, it’ll be a glum day.. 😀

pictures from google and my own Pinterest account.


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