i need some advice guys! :(

so, i was notified that i reached 40 followers! 🙂 woohoo!! 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

i think i’m exaggerating. nope.. i’m just grateful. 🙂

but, getting back to the topic… i really need some advice guys. ’cause the people around me gave bad advice. seriously. and i thought, maybe i could get some advice from strangers who followed me and enjoys the things i write. 🙂 so here we go…


i have a friend. a guy friend. and he wanted us to be more. but unfortunately for him, i don’t. and i don’t plan on being someone yet. so i asked him to be friends with me. and we stayed like that, Friends. but knowing him, i know he’s still not giving the “more” up…

and he didn’t. he kept acting like someone who’s pursuing me. and it got a bit awkward between us. though, he’s a great guy, and a great friend, i just dodged his moves on me and tried to keep a platonic relationship on him…

here goes the advice part… when i graduated last April, he gave me a silver rosary that he made me promise to wear wherever i go so i’ll be safe. and because i promised i wore it all the time..  (except when i’m at home… but sometimes i still do.) then, i don’t know… i started to care about this guy friend of mine… but not to the point of wanting him to be more… i really really want to focus on college. and there is that rosary that he gave me… that rosary grew a bit lot fond to me. whenever i forgo wearing it, i feel guilty or sad. and  started a habit of playing with the rosary whenever i’m bored or when i’m not doing anything with my hands. 

but now… i think this guy friend of mine already has someone he liked. and we kind of had a “cool off” if you can say that to friends. so yeah… and now, that we’re not really considered friends anymore, (’cause he’s not talking to me anymore. and whenever i do, he’s acting like he’s bored).

i just want to know if i should give back the rosary… i feel that it’s the only thing that’s making us “tied” together. but i don’t think i want to give that rosary back… i know… you think i’m being selfish… but i grew to love that rosary… whether it came from him or not.

so thanks in advance… if you’re not giving any advice, it’s fine… this is also a way for me to let it out. 🙂

keep enjoying the little things in life okay? 😀  


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