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Searching for someday by Jennifer Probst


so it’s been almost a month since i finished this book… and i’m so sorry for the late review…

This i the kind of book that could shake a person up and let him or her see that when it comes to true love, it not about the outside or the inside of a person. it’s what you feel whenever you’re around that person

i’m giving this book a 4.99% rating… i know,why not just give that little 0.01%? well… i hate it when people try their best to reject those people who want to love them and take care of them, then accept with open arms those who abuse the love they’re giving in a silver platter.

but given the reasons of why Slade and Kate are doing just that, i understand them… but still, it irks me. 

the set up of the whole story is somewhere in Verily, New York. where the protagonist, Kate, have a business together with her two best friends (Arilyn & Kennedy). a Matchmaking agency. given that this kind of business is like a scam for other people for fooling them with their dream companion to only be robbed of money and hope for true love in the end.
but this agency if way different than the others. See, out Kate here has a curse/gift where she can feel if a couple is meant to be or not. 
Came in Slade, a non-believer of sappy, romantic relationships, happy endings, and commitments. seeing that Slade is a divorce lawyer, well, that really contrasts his and Kate’s beliefs pertaining to love.

how they met?
well, thanks to Slade’s sister, Jane, Slade met Kate and entered himself to he world of matchmaking so he can keep an eye to his baby sister and to dig dirt about Kate’s business so he can sue them for their scams. 
As Slade did everything Kate and her friends wanted him to do to find a companion, Slade and Kate growed closer together. but when Kate knew Slade is the by her curse/gift, and that undeniable “electricity” between them, it’ll be a roadtrip of ups and downs, denying and fighting for the prohibited feeling growing between them. 

This book is full of lesons about love and it really has a good story.

hope you try it out. 🙂


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