Book Reviews

Searching for perfect by Jennifer Probst


i love the way this book is a little bit similar to the first book, Searching for Someday, but also unique and has cute twists and turns all the way to the end.

Story starts with us meeting Ned,the guy in this story, who if the nickname doesn’t ring any bells yet, a nerd. all he wanted to happen when he joined the kinnections, the matchmaking agency Kate and her two best friends own, i for Ned to find a woman who can love him for the way he is and for them to settle down and marry. But being too forward, he’s not getting anywhere, combine that with his foul attitude,poor fashion sense, a certified neat freak and his not so handsome face, well that sealed the deal for Kennedy, Kate’s partner in kinnections, to take Ned under his wing and took him as a challenge not only to help him, but to prove to herself that she can fix something. 

As lessons, makeovers, and meet-ups put the both of them attached, the two grew closer together. but there’s a glitch. our dear ol’ Kennedy doesn’t want commitments, marriages, a settling downs. the total opposite of what Ned wanted to achieve. so despite that heating spark between them, these are in it for the tug-of-war of their hearts and minds.

“I prepared for this.” 

Kennedy raised her eybrow. “you’re orange, dude.”

“i tried to use bronzer to get the beach look. i figured women liked it.”

“you have coffee stain on your shirt, you’re wearing a lab coat, you haven’t cut your hair since 2000, and i feel like i just got dragged into the woods and buried under a flock of pine trees to die. is that your cologne?”

“it’s proven women are susceptible to the emotional power of scents. a leisurely walk in nature evokes feeling of happines.”

“not with half a bottle. i’m experiencing more of a horrific run through the forest while a deadly black bear chases me.”

try reading it guys. honestly. 🙂


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