“Persistence through experience” by Littlethings

okay, so last school year, i made it into the finals of our oratorical in school. and lucky for me, ’cause i won! 🙂 yey!!!  and i would love to share my piece to you guys… ENJOY! 

BTW, leave any comments about the piece if you want… 😀

Theme:  “The ability to persist in life is the willingness to learn the ropes and gain confidence in the process.”

“Persistence through experience”

            my name is Litttle Things and before I start, I would like to share you something… when I was a small girl, my Mom told me to never play the round brush with my hair because it might get tangled and leave my hair being stuck in it. But because of my curiosity, I did exactly what my mother told me not to do. Do you know what happened next? My mother’s prediction came true. And we ended up cutting my hair so short just so we could take the silly round brush off my head.

            That was one of the memories that I reminisced when me and my older sister talked about the oratorical’s theme, and I have realized that I was persistent enough to play with the round brush even after all of my mother’s warnings, and I learned two things; one is that you could really get your hair tangled with a round brush so I gained enough confidence to continue using it until I learned the proper way to use it without tangling my hair in the process. And for the record I tangled my hair four times and twice of those times I had to cut my own hair so that my mother wouldn’t know about it. And second is that if you strive for what you want you could gain something from it. It doesn’t have to be a good something or a bad something, as long as you learned a lesson, and you had fun in the experience. sometimes we are afraid to get out of our comfort zone, we are afraid to do some things because we or some other people thought we cannot do it but did it crossed your mind that maybe these things are the ones that could bring out the best in us? Think about that.

 There was a movie where the guy was about to lose but he still stood up and faced the enemy. Then the enemy asked him, “why do you persist?” and he simply said, “Because I choose to.” We are individuals. We have our own mind, own heart, and our own feelings. We don’t need others to tell us what to do or feel. So why do we have to let them decide for what we want to do or what to be persistent at? As Marilyn Monroe once said, “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never get anywhere”. You really don’t have to follow what other people told you to do, right? There isn’t much fun in that. Being able to do something, that everyone thought is impossible to happen, only involves a right attitude.

            Optimism, For me, optimism is the right attitude to face life. Because if you’re not optimistic then you won’t have that confidence you need to face that something. I think some people would understand me more if I share some of my experiences. So, here’s one.

I was on my 3rd grade when it happened. It was a rainy night and I together with my sister and my mom, was riding on our car way home. We stopped by a drugstore because my mom needs to buy some medicine, and because it’s raining that night, my mom decided that she would leave us on the car so we don’t get drenched. When she came back after 20 minutes, the rain was pouring down harder, and as she opened the door there’s water dripping from the roof of the car to my mom’s back, I started to get anxious about her so I cupped my hands and tried to catch all the dripping water from the roof to keep my mother as dry as possible. She didn’t know that I did that so once she got inside the car she slammed the door immediately, leaving my hands crushed by the door. My mom was startled by what happened and started to get panicked. And by the time we got home, my hands were a bit violet and I had a fever for the next 2 days. I, on the other hand, learned that I shouldn’t do that again and looked at it as a lesson and a very funny memory. My mom asked me why did that in the first place, and I just answered that I just don’t want her to get wet and to get sick. Sometimes the things which we thought are not good for us are the ones that will teach us the most unforgettable lessons. And sometimes, you just have to do radical things to make people really see and realize that you’re not who they thought you were.

I have a lot of mistakes in the past; sometimes it’s way over the “normal” level. And maybe that’s why I love my life. Right now, I’m about to tell you that we’re not perfect, that nobody’s perfect, that we always make mistakes especially the ones that we are persistent at, but that’s too cliché. So just like the book I’ve read, remember that your imperfections are what make you perfect. So don’t convince yourself too much that you’ll disappoint people if you show them that you’re not perfect. I’ll repeat it again.

Once again, Ms, Little Things and it’s been my pleasure to share such a personal piece. Oh, and no matter what they tell you, keep it in mind that you don’t have to stay within the lines. 


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