McDonald’s really a happy place to be

Hey! I’m not biased guys…. (even if I really love Mcdo to heart. And because of me having a much deeper connection to Mcdo.) But based on what I’m seeing right now, as I’m sitting with my sister on Mcdo somewhere in the Philippines (Manila), I see happy people, enjoying the meal and the company of their loved ones. Just like me. 🙂

Imagine this: a room smelling of fries, fried chicken, burger, and grease, yellow lights around, airconditioned room making us relax despite the heat on the other side of that glass wall at your back.

Two tables over to your left, is a mother/grandma with her two daughters/grand daughter enjoying a meal, with each of the girls having a happy meal (it’s a choice of food with a toy in it) and both of them squealing with happiness about their new toy.

On the table in front of you is a family of four. A mother, father, and their two sons. Enjoying a family bonding. Laughing at each others’ story and enjoying what you can see from your table is a Mclatte for the parents, coke and orange juice for the sons, fries, chicken fillet with rice and burgers.

Two tables in front of you to the left, are a group of girls, enjoying a four large fries, and burgers, and from what you can hear, they’re asking about how they are and gossiping about their friends.

On the far side of the restaurant, sitting on the corner, are two persons, who looks like a couple from your table, sharing a larger fries while having a burger and drinks each. Not talking with each other, but looks like they enjoy the company with each other even without a conversation between the both of them.

And in my table. Me and my sister, sitting together and her, surfing the net. Me, blogging ;). Just lounging here after finishing a simple chicken fillet with rice and coke. (we’re still thinking if we want a fries.). And listening to the nice playlist of McDonald’s.


aww… we looked cute… 🙂 (it’s really us..)

For the time we’re here, I’ve heard:
Thousang miles
Brighter than the sun
Everything by Michael bublé
Reggae songs
And a lot more that I don’t know the title.
If you look around you, we are living in a world of happy people who enjoying the simple little things in life such as a fastfood, and maybe about 2 or 3 dollars worth of food.

Enjoy the little things in life 😉

Oh! And really, Mcdo is my comfort food… Try their fries.  😉

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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