Roadtripping is a pain in the ass (literally!)

Right now, I’m sitting at the back of a Honda Tucson, in the middle of my mom and my cousin, who are both by the way, SLEEPING. And my aunt on the driver’s seat with a friend on the passenger side, an hour (EST) before we get to our destination: home.

Today has been a scorching day turning into a stormy night. And with me being out and about, I just saw with my own two eyes the effect of climate change.

So let me start fron the beginning of the day…. I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning today from an hour of sleep, because I need to get ready for the day, which is a trip to the 3 hour long ride to a province somewhere here in the Philippines. Pangasinan (pronunciation:Pang-ga-si-nan) and as we hit the road by 4:30AM, I already saw 3 car accidents, and a beautiful sunrise, before I slept the whole 2 hours of the ride to Pangasinan. By the time I woke up, my neck’s aching, my throat’s dry, I feel groggy and worse, my butt’s numb from sitting.

I wasn’t complaining or anything because of the excitement of going to a province after being in the city for almost a year already… 😦

The day came by and go with me sweating like I ran a marathon because it’s so hot today. Really hot. When 5 o’clock in the afternoon came, we decided to hit the road again. Then out of the blue… It rained. Pounding rain. It felt like a storm but I guess it wasn’t. What’s weird is that a few hours ago, it was scorching hot, then now it rained?

But that wasn’t really the problem here… (even if it does, because my aunt can’t see clearly through the windshield because of the heavy rain. But atleast we got out of the storm safe.) Yes, it’s not raining here anymore. The city looked dry enough to confirm that the rain was only at the province.
The real problem here is about, sitting for almost 4 hours in the backseat, at the middle with bags at your feet, a bag and iPad at your lap and sleeping family on both of your side, trying to make sure they won’t shoot forward whenever the driver hits the brakes AND a numb, aching butt.

If you only knew how it feels… (some of you might.) Whew…
By the speed my aunt’s driving, we’ll be home in about 30 minutes, or less….

Remember to bring something to keep you occupied for a roadtrip that takes more thab 2 hours, ’cause you’ll die of boredom and aching butt if you can’t keep up….

Enjoy the little things….. I enjoyed this frustrating road trip….;)

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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