WANTED: scripwriters!!


So i just want to share this guy’s project. 🙂 it’s just been sent to me by a friend. suggesting that i should join. But i don’t i have it in me to write scripts… so i decided to share it to you guys out there! 🙂 maybe i can help someone get famous by his/her amazing scripwriting. 😀

as the guy said, whose name is Mark Battistella, says that you can send as many stories as you like and as long as it’s before the deadline. 🙂 how cool is that? This team is based on Melbourne, Australia. but accepts entries from around the world. 🙂 

for those who are sending their entries but they’re below 18, just add it in the e-mail before sending it to them. 🙂

as said, the dealine for entries are:

31st May, 2014- for those who are living outside of Australia.

14th June, 2014- for those who love in Australia. 🙂

FOR MORE INFO: just go and check out Mark Battistella’s webpage at http://markbattistellafilms.com and check out the short videos they made and whatever you need to check… 😀

http://markbattistellafilms.com/2014/we-need-your-help/ <—- for the direct page of the entry.. 🙂 

good luck future scriptwriters!! 🙂 remember to enjoy the little things in life.. 😀



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