The Bookworm inside me


i admit, (even if my followers kind of guessed it already) I’M A BOOKWORM. i read, and read, and read.. 🙂 and i’m proud of it. even if someone tells me i’m a nerd, it’s like a compliment to my ears. (i’m weird right?) but i still love reading.. 🙂

the past two days, all i did to my Twitter account, and as you can see, my blog, I’ve been posting all things related to books, or to the books I’ve read. (between you and me, I think the author of The Selection Trilogy is getting a bit annoyed at me for tweeting and instagramming to her…) not that i’m the only one who’s doing it… but i suddenly felt guilty…


i had a little fall out with my best friends over about a year ago… (what really surprised me is that they’re my best friends.) and it’s all because of… *tada* BOOKS.

You suggest books to your non-nerdy friends and they don't understand their awesomeness.

i never spent time with them anymore, my free time goes to my books… whenever there’s an event in our school, i barely hang out with them… because i’m in the middle of an important part of a book, and when classes end, i don’t stay anymore to hang with them because the thought of lying down on my bed while reading is much more comforting than chatting and gossiping with my best friends… i sound like a bad friend, aren’t i? well, i suffered the consequences a few months ago… i’m happy to announce that me and my friends are back together… 😀 though, they’re still not bookworms like me. So up to this day, i cannot blabber my thoughts to every books i’d read because they will never understand a word i’m saying.


being a bookworm is a little bit of a disease, you know… you get side effects with it… i could write it down for ya.. 🙂

  • you have to wear eyeglasses if you’re reading too much and your eyes are getting damaged. (which is a bummer because you can’t read while lying down anymore.)

you get book hangovers… it’s a bummer, especially when you’re trying to achieve a number of books read in a year and you can’t start another book because you can’t get over the past book.

Thought it was just me!

  • you re-read books you’ve read a bunch of times because you just want to… (fact: the first book i re-read was Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. about 5 times already.)
  • whenever i’m cooped up in the book i’m reading, i feel like i’m in a different dimension.
  • you can’t hear people calling me whenever i’m reading. it’s like i’m deaf.
  • you get too attached to the fictional characters you’ve read. they have that piece of you that you can never take.
  • you get frustrated when the next book isn’t released yet… this usually happens to me.

The Selection!!!

  • you’re not being helpful to the people around you anymore, because instead of doing the dishes, you’re lying there, reading.
  • you’re doing the expressions the characters do at the same time while you’re reading them.
  • you cry and get depressed whenever a fictional character that you love dies… some even gets so angry they make a fight with the author.
  • you’re dream date isn’t anything a normal girl wishes for… you dream of a guy buying you a book or bringing you to a library or book store.
  • we keep saying the “one more page” line, and before you knew it, six hours has passed and you’re done reading the book. 😀
  • for the Professional bookworms: you read more than 3 books at once. 🙂 this happened to me.. 😀 proud to say that i did it without mixing the story together… 😀
  • you suddenly make a space for you books… like a whole room.
  • you have different shelves for the books you hate, books you like, and books you love.
  • most weird side effect:

my house DID burn down and the only thing I was really upset about was losing the family Shakespeare – gilt edged rice paper pages & Millais illustrations, with family inscriptions on the fly leaf

  • you don’t have a love life because the boys you like are fictional.
  • True
  • oh! who isn’t a booksniffer?!

Only book nerds will understand... Which makes me a nerd... A true lover of books, I get this

  • you always, ALWAYS bring a book in case things get boring.
  • Nerd Girl problem.
  • you usually have eyebags because of staying up late just so you can finish the book.
  • you don’t have any idea what’s happening in the world because you’re too worried with the problems the characters you’re reading are facing at the moment.

that’s not it yet… but at the moment, that’s what i remember… besides, i need to catch up with my reading… Laters. 🙂


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