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V is for virgin by Kelly Oram



“BEST ENDING A BOOKWORM COULD ASK FOR!” what i first thought after finishing this 186 (e-book) pages of this great book!
and what i first tweeted… after finishing the book.. 😀

this book really did fulfill my needs as a bookworm, ’cause after Fifty Shades of Grey series, nothing can’t beat ’em… 🙂 
this book is perfect for readers who like reading fifty shades without the book being so candid and all r-rated. and definitely perfect for teenagers out there! especially for those who want to lose all their V cards think again!!

seriously, i just want to do a shout out for all the teenagers out there, losing your virginity for some stupid reason like you being left out, is not a reason enough to lose it! seriously… you have sex with another human, but when you resulted in making another human being, you all go get abortion or something?! 

meet Valerie Jensen a senior girl living a normal life, until that is her boyfriend ruined everything for her… being a virgin nowadays, is rare and oh boy, did Val’s school get a field day about knowing a senior is still virgin– and is determined to be virgin until she’s married!– set out on the city of L.A. a girl who made a movement to encourage not only herself, but also every other teenagers out there to be virgin until they’re married. but for her life to be in spotlight and to be noticed by the sexiest man alive, Val’s in a heap of trouble to keep her V card to safety. 🙂 q

i really want to shout out the characters in the story, so let me be! 
oh my god for all the Kyle Hamilton parts in it… 🙂 and of course the friendship of Cara and Val… 🙂 

i don’t want to spoil you anymore guys… 😉

(kyle and Val’s conversation about what Val feels for the music kyle wrote for her.)

kyle jerked back. i’d startled him. “why would you think that?”

“have you heard it? it’s an angry song.”

“it’s a love song.”

“it’s an angry love song. you were obviously pissed off when you wrote it.”

“no, i wasn’t! sexually frustrated and a little desperate for your attention maybe, but that’s what you do to me. i just wrote what i felt.”

“legs with attitude” kyle’s tone warmed with approval.” why don’t you bring those beauties over here. i got a spot all ready for them.”

he and his buddies all chuckled when he patted his lap. i wasn’t exactly impressed.

“i think these legs are fine where they are, thank you very much.”

kyle wasn’t deterred at all by my rejection. “i wouldn’t have expected those legs like those to be quite so shy.”

“not shy,” i informed him, “just holding out for a better offer.”

“did we ever meet?” kyle asked curiously.

“not technically. you held a door open for me once when i had my hands full.”

“how chivalrous of me.”

“it was. you saw me carrying a stack of books so you jumped ahead of me, pulled open the door and said, ‘after you’ with a big sweeping bow.”

“you make it sound like i was a dork.”

“are you kidding? i swooned for a year after that.”

“seriously? that made you weak in the knees? if that’s all it takes, then why are we still sitting here? let’s go find a door already.”

it’s only 186 pages, if e-book… so try reading it guys.. 🙂
thumbs up! Kelly Oram!!


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