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Six months later by Natalie Richards


ookay, so it’s been about two weeks ago sinced i finished this book, but i didn’t have the time to make a review much earlier than now… (so, i’m sorry if i’m a bit fuzzy with the details…) and also, i’m giving this book a 4.75 rating because of that ending, though it’s a good ending… just not my kind of ending… 🙂 
this book is fiction and reality combined together, without clashing… it kind of blended together, and it’s quite cool… 
and the setting of the book which is, students getting ready for the SATs, really relates me because i’ve just been there… and the the pressure really does kind of make you do things… 😉

Chloe here doesn’t really strive for the best, she just wanted to get through a day unscathed (figuratively), but when she woke up six months later, “best” isn’t enough to describe what she already have, “perfection” may… though for Chloe, not remembering what happened for the last six months, it kind of left an open space that she just can’t cover up… so she went out and find what happened in the last six months without people around her suspecting… and oh, boy a lot did happen in that six months… 

i don’t want to tell anything that could really spoil a good book so, i’ll just jump to my tradition… 😀 SPOILER ALERT!!!

we separate in a steaming rush of breath, our foreheads pressed together, and my hands threaded into his hair. 

“tell me we haven’t done that yet.” i breathe.

“he pulls back mouth swollen and eyes flashing in a way that makes me want to kiss him again.

i bite my lip. “please tell him i didn’t forget that too.”

“no.” he says, grinning.

before i forget i just want to shout out about Adam… he’s like so rugged and hot, and sweet and such a liar but loving and… ugh… god… XD 

when he speaks, he’s quieter. “you think i stole drugs. that i was dealing maybe.”

“you broke into a pharmacy. am i supposed to think you did it for the free measuring spoons?”

so please read it guys.. 🙂 thumbs up for Natalie Richards!! 😀



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