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His Hired Girlfriend by Alexia Praks


so before i start, i just want you guys to know that this is a really good book. 🙂

this book is about a girl who’s in deep problem about her dad’s surgery, and her being in a poor family makes it hard for her to pay a large amount of money to make his father well again.
Meet Alexandra Stewart
a geeky girl who never thought of anything but working hard for her family to live. and now working harder to earn a large sum of money for her father’s surgery. living in a mediocre family, she thought that it would be impossible to find another way to get a lot of money for her dad’s surgery… (if you think about it, this love story would never start if her father didn’t have a heart problem, so i’m kind of thanking Alex’s dad for having a heart ailment.)
what made Alex solve her problem is Jayden McCartney. a guy that has every girl’s dream: gentleman, caring, loving, faithful (but the one he chooses isn’t), smart, came from a decent family, and filthy rich (but for Alex, she doesn’t care… well, at first she does ’cause she needed the money, but when it came down to more than business, well… JUST READ IT.).
Meet Jayden McCartney
a rich American guy who went to the land down under to have a break from his choking life: family, paparazzi, business, enemies, and girls who are trying to be with him because (1. he’s hot, 2. he’s one of the richest men alive (that isn’t old)). he’s currently not in the market for girls to have because of a past relationship-gone-wrong that made him scarred enough to not pursue someone again.
but when his sister’s wedding coming up, he needs to bring her girlfriend over for the family to meet. problem? the parentals didn’t know that he broke up with her. and if they know, they would set up anyone they can just as long as she’s decent– and past the criterias– for Jay to marry. Jay’s life couldn’t be more fun in an arranged marriage. with the help of his mate, he found and pursued the perfect girl for him.

read the story of how both Alex and Jay got what they want and getting more from it… hitting two birds with one stone

i usually put parts of a story after this.. but i don’t have anything that wouldn’t spoil you too much… so..
you better read it! 🙂

thumbs up!!


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