Selfie addict

For the last few months everyone around me seems to be “selfie addicts”, now that social medias like Twitter and instagram (especially instagram) is more about photosharing. And I wasn’t a part of the selfie addict community…

See when a was in 6th grade, we had this class picture. And after the shoot, the photographer said a few names who were photogenic… I,unfortunately, wasn’t part of that… What frustrates me the most is that all my friends are photogenic and im not.. I feel left out at that time and then i told myself that posing for the camera is not my league… So I tried photography, but in another way, I get to be behind the camera.
That’s how I became great at taking photos…
So, the selfies… Ugh. Because I’m not a selfie-girl, I thought that there’s no reason for me to create an instagram account… So I didn’t… 🙂 I just use my Twitter for tweets no photo sharing happening there…
Until I found a pose where I can look good… Yup, just good.. I’m humble.. 😉. So I started taking pictures of myself with the right lightings and poses… Which resulted: *tada* a wonderful picture..
So I officially caved in to the selfie addicts.. I just created an instagram account and I tweeted some pictures… 🙂
It’s never too late to do something… 🙂 #lessonlearned.
Always remember, everybody can be photogenic, just look for the right pose where your prized possesion can stand out in a picture…
Just keep taking pictures, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.. 😉
Besides, tip: there’s a lot of filters and editors for a picture-gone-wrong-but-can-be-salvaged… 😉

Enjoy little things in life.. 😉
Nads 😉

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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