Little Love

when someone likes you…

it’s flattering, i admit… but also annoying at the same time… (specially for those people who doesn’t like the person that likes them…) but you don’t get to choose who can and cannot like you right? 


when that person likes you, you can’t stop that person in pursuing you… because that’s just bad… a person who adores you just the way you are and then you suddenly say, “i’m sorry, but you’re not my type, go skedaddle…” that’s just harsh.


what’s even harsher than that is when you get to know each other but you still don’t feel that “spark” so you just ended up telling the person to be Friends. and that person goes all snob on you… like it’s my fault… (well, sort of.)

so you ended up being friends? then suddenly there’s this rumor mill saying you’re both together… like what the–?! and even though you kept saying “no, we’re just friends…” they won’t believe you… hmmph..

so for the creepy crush out there… please don’t it hard for us to live just because you have a very big crush on us… 


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