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When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae


this is my second Book review for my blog, but i just want to put in because it has a few parts where little things are cherished. 🙂

this is about a senior girl who met a guy in summer who turned out to be her teacher when school’s back. 

it’s one of those books where couples try to save their relationship in all the obstacles they meet and accomplishing it with flying colors. 🙂

it started when Chloe Henderson met a bartender at a club where girls like them are not allowed. ( teenagers, don’t do what these girls did.). Will Morris, the bartender Chloe met was having a hard time handling the bar all by himself against more than 20 people and Chloe rescued him by helping him serve people at the bar for free. one thing led to another and Will offered Chloe eating pizza after his shift. as the night ended, Chloe agreed to see Will again, and again, and again, which basically after a few more dates, they’re officially a couple. As summer ends and school begins Chloe had the same day she had every other class day until her last subject, ( which is Calculus for her unfortunately…) came and saw the “new” teacher. as school year starts, heartbreaks begin and rekindled hearts followed.

Chloe Henderson is a 17 year old senior blond girl with soft heart for those she love. she thought a little white lie could give her the love she wants but it comes back to her with a slap on the face. (i’m typing metaphorically…) 🙂
Will Morris is a 22 year old guy who works a lot of jobs to earn a living, being a good son and brother to his sibling and feeling unworthy of having Chloe as his Girlfriend knowing that she’s a great person until the secret she kept is finally unleashed leaving him angry at himself and breaking both of their hearts to save themselves from trouble.

personally, i’m giving this book a 4.75 stars, because there are times that i feel like Chloe is using guys just to get over it and it’s like she’s being a play girl for me. but aside from that, ALL ISGOOD BEST!!! 

here are some parts of the story that made me smile or laugh or whatever… 🙂 it’s a bit of everything, mixed emotions.

“So this summer i started dating someone.” i frowned.

he pulled away further, frowning as he let go of my hand. “great, so you are seeing someone.” he accused.

i shook my head quickly.”no I’m not, honestly I’m not. it’s just that i really liked him and then he broke up with me like two weeks ago and i still don’t think i’m over it properly.”

“the guy dumped you? what is he, stupid or something?” he asked looking confused.

she let out a big breath and shook her head. “okay i need to say it. Holy fudge, chloe, you screwed a teacher? and damn hot one too. jeez, that chest. swoon. wow, just wow.” she gushed.

i burst out laughing at her little outburst. “are you done?” i giggled.

she nodded and fanned her face. “yeah, unless he comes back in shirtless again.” she joked.

when we got to the door he took my hand and pulled me to a stop. “thanks for coming, Chloe. if at any point you want to leave then tell me and i’ll drive you home. i mean, this is a terrible first date.”

“oh crap, you think this is a date? Will, i only came for the free food.” i teased pulling him forward into the church.

“you must be Sam right?” i asked, grinning.

the guy smirked back at me, his eyes twinkling with mischievousness. “yeah, and you must be the girl i’ll be waking up with tomorrow.”

i giggled quietly, “wow, cockiness runs in your family, huh?”

Will reached over and punched his brother in the arm, making me laugh harder. “rein it in, dipshit, that’s my date.” he growled.

“shh, you can’t swear in the church!” i hissed, giggling again.

okay, guys… that’s about it… hope you support Isabelle Rae, try going to her blog to get to know her, she has a wonderful story about how she became a writer. it’s quite a good inspiration. 🙂

enjoy little things in  life. 🙂


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