Little Love

“not meant to be” leads to somewhere better




hey guys, last night a cousin of mine together with his wife and two children visited us. we ate cake, i played with their kids and we had a few catch up conversations, but that’s not what i want to share you about. 

this is about my cousin’s love story. 🙂 we’ll just name him Bal. hope this makes you realize that little things, have a lot of difference.

so,Once upon a time… Bal was in college when he and his girlfriend at-that-time, Tat, had a falling out. Tat was studying also and she told Bal that she wanted to break up with him because she needs to study. Bal, of course, the gentleman understood her reasons and they broke up.

Bal was sad, (he admitted that he cried.) but there’s nothing he could do so he continued his life without Tat. after 8 months of no communication with each other, Tat went to Bal’s house and asked for him. unfortunately, Bal was taking night classes and he wasn’t there when Tat visited. Tat was taking morning classes so they weren’t really going to meet each other in school. Bal’s family told him that Tat visited, but he doesn’t want to talk to her so he didn’t go to Tat’s house.

second time that Tat visited Bal’s house, he just got away. literally. when Bal’s ride went away, Tat’s ride just got in. (THEY’RE REALLY NOT MEANT TO BE.). the next times just went like this. Bal visited Tat’s house once, but no one was there. and other times, Bal was too busy with his school work that he couldn’t make a time to visit Tat again. another time was that Tat’s cousin went to look for Bal,  but he wasn’t home.

semester break come and go, and when second semester came in,  Bal met her wife. Joj. Joj was a sibling of Bal’s friend. Joj was from Manila and the setting of this whole story was in Iloilo. a place in the philippines with lots of friendly people that speak with intonations… but, this story is for another time. so Bal and Joj met but they just stayed acquaintances first. they didn’t meet again after a few days. Bal was going home and he bumped to Joj on the way out. 

Bal said, “are you going home?”

“yes. you?” Joj said.

“yes. where are you headed?” Bal asked.

“to Mandurriao.” Joj answered. (it’s pronounced as Man-Du-Ri-YAw.)

“me too.” Bal answered. and together they rode a Jeepney on their way home. it was a friendly ride. they talked about casual stuff, nothing personal at first.

and after that, they always come home together form their school. when christmas break came, Joj went home to Manila because that’s where she and her family lives. (Joj said that she started to have feelings for Bal at this time.) there was a time that Joj called Bal  just to catch up. it was really sweet, that the girl toughed out and called the guy first. they talked. and they next days were the same they were what you call “phone pal”. (and Joj admitted that she misses Bal when she was in Manila.)

january came and Joj went back to Iloilo. at first they were both just acting like just how they act before. but Bal said that he started to think that Joj is “cute.” (yeah right.) so Bal courted Joj. Bal wasn’t the only one. there are some guys that pursued Joj, some even thought before that Bal was Joj’s boyfriend but he denied to it so they approached her. now, he’s in the courting club. Joj, just like what she did to others didn’t answer Bal. he just courted her, and she let him. it went on like this for a few weeks. then one day, Bal took Joj on a lunch date. they went to a restaurant close to their school. a lot of Bal’s friends were in there — both in high school and college —  but they never disturbed them. it was a fine lunch date really. Bal’s wallet was in Joj’s bag because he didn’t bring any bag and Joj has one so he asked for her to put it in her bag. after eating, Joj paid the bill using Bal’s money while Bal went to the restroom then headed straight outside waiting for her.

then suddenly, a friend of Bal came and said, “hey Bal, how are you? Tat’s been looking for you.”

“hey.” bal just said.

“she’s here man.she wants to talk to you.” His friend said. then as i on cue, Tat got out of the jeepney and saw Bal. she beamed. (that’s what Bal told us, when he said the story.) and started walking straight at him. when she’s a few walks away from him, Joj suddenly came out of the restaurant and handed bal’s wallet to him and wrapped her arm around his. Tat stopped abruptly. Joj didn’t have any idea who she was. and just assumed that like the persons inside the restaurant, she’s a friend. Joj said that she just looped her arms around his because she might get lost. and in the rate of the people around the street, she’s sure that she might have a hard time to look for Bal. 

“bal,” Tat started. “can i talk to you? it’s okay if you don’t want to because you’re with someone.”

Bal of course doesn’t want to be rude to Joj, so he said, “no. i’m sorry. we have to go.”

and off they went. that was how Tat and Bal were never meant to be together. after a few months, Bala and Joj were together, as a couple. they were in the mall that time and was in the escalator on the way down when they saw Tat with a guy. they weren’t holding hands at first but as soon as Tat saw Bal and Joj together she looped her hands around the guy. (that’s how Bal and Joj said the story.) 🙂 it’s quite funny, that these things can really happen in real life.

now, Joj and Bal are happily married, with two children a boy and a girl named, Dwayne and Marian. cute little angels that speak english and a big fan of Dwayne Wade, just like their daddy and auntie (that’s me!). 

i just shared this story, because this made me realize that f it’s not meant for you, it won’t be for you. just like Tat wanting Bal. it might be destiny to bring them together, but also it’s destiny who broke them apart. Tat is happy now, as to what Bal said.

don’t chase for something when that something was taken from you. 

enjoy the little things.:)


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