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this song will save your life by Leila Sales


so i just want to share my review of this book here, and want you guys to support it. but no pressure, it’s okay if you don’t.

i started the year with this book, and oh boy, WAY TO START A YEAR WITH A BANG!

this book really speaks for those who are/were bullied. and in this generation,bullying is a BIG no. and for all the music-lovers out there who are/were bullied, this is your perfect book that can totally relate to your life. i’m blabbering, i know, but i just don’t know how to describe in one word how this book made me feel… *sigh*


our main character here, Elise Dembowski, has been bullied since her childhood,and siince the beginning, she tried to deflect them but that didn’t work, so she tried to change herself. that didn’t work either, until the last straw made her do something that would change her life forever, Kill herself.
read as she tried to find the light in the absolute darkness the she is in, and instead of seeing it, she heard it. 😀

we all know how music can change our lives. just a song can make us happy, sad, melancholic, angry, in love, excited, make us forget the problems, etc. here in this book, you’ll read it in our own to eyes how can that happen. (if you don’t believe me yet that music can really change lives.)

here are some of the parts of the book that cling to me, whether it’s funny(most of them are), or sad, or cheesy, romantic,these parts are the ones who made me turn the pages until i finished the book… in a day! 🙂

for a moment, i watched the blood bubble out of those thin slits through my arm. in bio last year, i learned that blood is actually a dark maroon when it’s inside your body. the exposure to oxygen that turns it bright red. and there must have been a lot of oxygen in the bathroom, because that blood was bright,bright red.

“you know,” he said, studying me, “you actually have a fantastic smile.”

“three years of braces.” i explained.

“no, seriously.” he said.

“they also pulled four teeth. before the braces.that probably helped.”

“why don’t you smile more often?” he asked.

“i smile as often as i feel like smiling.” i answered. “sometimes more, because i read this study that said people like you better when you smile.”

char laughed. “does that work? are people really that easy to trick?”

“in my experience,” i said, “no.”

elise and harry are reading Macbeth
“oh no.” i murmured, turning a page.

“what?” harry asked. he glanced up from his book.


a moment passed.

“oh no.” i said again, sounding even more horrified.

“what?” both vicky and harry asked this time.

“you don’t want to know.”

“okay.” vicky said, and she went reading back to pretending to read a thick book of literary criticism for ine of her classes while texting with pippa.

“i want to know.” Harry said.

“well,if you’re sure…” i leaned in and whispered, “all of Macduff’s family just got murdered.”

harry groaned and tossed his copy of the play aside. “i hate you.”

i shrugged. “i told you that you don’t want to know.”

“hey, do you want to go with me? to solstice fest?”

“um, when is it?”

he gave me a weird look, “during the solstice.”

i guessed that made sense.

“this is harry.” she pointed to the chatty guy, “he’s on the drums. his name is harry because of his eyebrows, you know, they’re hairy.”

“and her name is vicks because she smells like vicks vaporub all the time.” harry immediately responded.

“his name is harry because when he came out of the womb, he was so terrifyingly ugly that mom shouted, ‘scary!’ but she was crying so hard about how ugly her baby was that the doctor thought she said, ‘harry!’ instead.”

“her name is victoria because she’s like the queen victoria,” harry began, “you know, a virgin.”

“let me guess,” i said. “you’re brother and sister.”

harry and vicky both blinked at me, like they’d forgotten they had an audience. “it’s that obvious?” harry asked.

“i never dated the class president, but i did once make out with the quarterback at a party.”vicky said.

“and the wide receiver.” harry added.

“and him.” vicky conceded.

“and the tight end.” said harry.

“i did not.”

harry nodded at me and mouthed, she did.

congratulations Leila Sales!:D
thumbs up!


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