Post- New year

How absurd do you think it is that after waiting ’til midnight, It’s already 2014?
And how weird it is that after sleeping a few hours, when you woke up there’s a full 364 days waiting for you?
Pretty weird right?

I didn’t feel that I started the year with a “bang”. I didn’t. I feel that this is just another day with no classes, all day in bed if you want, doing HBO marathons, eat at anytime you want and sleep whenever you feel like it, and waking up at twelve in the afternoon, and reading books all day, non-stop. These are my little things that I cherish the most. But this is just Christmas vacation, or winter break in some of you, in 5 days, I’ll be back in school, doing whatever a graduating student does so he/she can graduate high school. 😦 *sigh*

The place outside still smells like firecrackers, and leftovers of a firecrackers are loitering out there, but last night was like another night for me. Pretty loud and annoying, but nothing different… Guess I just didn’t feel the new year coming to me yet…

Oh! I forgot to say my shoutouts for the people in New York!!! Happy new year!!!!

Wanna know something about me?
I love New York. That’s a fact. And will always love it… I have this dream which is also a goal for me that I will go to New York someday, and also planning on living there… You’ll see New York, I’ll.be.there. 🙂

Wishing everybody a happy, safe, and full of good luck all year round.. 🙂
Happy New year!! :))

Nads 😉


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