New Year’s eve traditions

It’s been a while since I posted and I know u haven’t posted any christmas-related posts, but here, I’ll make it up…

Every New Year, the Philippines don’t celebrate without some of these traditions:

* Media Noche
This is also like the Christmas eve gathering Filipinos do in the Philippines. It includes family gathering and eating together and also waiting for the new year to arrive. 🙂 for me, it’s always memorable because even if we don’t splurge much on buying lots of food and fireworks we still have a good time.

* Fireworks
Here in the Philippines, fireworks are allowed everywhere. 🙂 not really everywhere, but… It’s a bit hard to explain. We can light fireworks just outside the house, the backyard, the lawn, the streets, the balconies, etc. Just not inside the house of course, or anywhere where fire can start.. 🙂 anyways, we’re allowed to do that. Almost every house in the Philippines have their own fireworks to light up. And here it’s not about the grandest one, the most colorful or the bigger one… It’s the loudest firecracker. The noisy it gets, the better. Because we have this superstition that the fireworks/firecrackers are used so we can wake the Dragon, who brings good luck, and whoever makes loud noise in the New year will have good luck through out the year. 🙂 kind of weird or crazy right? But here, there’s nothing to lose if you believe in the superstitions. 🙂 if you can’t afford to buy firecrackers, you can use any thing to make sounds, it may be kitchen utensils like metal pans, or drums, or any metal thingy that’ll make loud and annoying sounds. 🙂
Last year, we haven’t bought any fireworks so we just bought what we call here, “torotot” or little trumpets made of plastic or paper that make annoying sounds and we brought out all the pans and played loud music till twelve. 🙂 it was a happy memory. 🙂

* Neighbor-mingling
I don’t really have a term for this, but that’s what we do… We go talk with the neighbors and friends, light some firecrackers together and just have a good time.

* singing
the Filipinos are quite known in the field of singing. And even if you don’t know the lyrics or not in tune, It’s all right! As long as you make the audience happy and ace a high score in the karaoke. 🙂

That’s just about a few of traditions we do here in the Philippines.

But… This year is never the same with these other things:

* new year babies
These are the babies who are born in exactly 12:00. Or a few minutes after twelve. 🙂 the news always do a report about these little babies, welcoming them to the world.

* firecracker accidents
Yeah, so this is the negative effect of firecrackers-allowed-anywhere. A lot of accidents happen like blowing up your own finger, hands, feet, face, etc. People of different ages are taken to the hospital every year for these reason. There are always reports of people getting the hands or fingers chopped off because it cannot be salvaged by the doctors. It’s a sad happening for the Filipinos but even if the government use all the money the have to save these people, you can’t really stop accidents from happening.

*the countdown
Who wouldn’t miss the countdown? Really. Everyone around the world, not just us Filipinos are doing the countdowns in the new year. And here, its the part where when it hits twelve we make the loudest noise we can make ever. Lighting every firecracker up and watching them explode in the sky making loud booming sound and colorful display. 🙂 It’s magically noisy.. 🙂 the people that have a lot of money do fireworks displays and It’s a sight to see, watching fireworks explode in synchronization. 🙂 some do pyromusicals or fireworks that explode in time to a music being played. 🙂

Even if our ears burst out because of all the noise, It’s all right, because we’re all having a good time.

From the Philippines, have a happy, safe, full of luck New Year to all of us!!

Happy new year!!!! 🙂


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