Little Love

The hopeless romantics

So recently, most of the things around me say the word, “hopeless romantic”. I didn’t react to it first, but then there’s a book that’s about to be published and it’s called “hopeless romantic”. I got curious, so I did what a 21st century girl would do: googled it. And what did I found? This:

It’s quite cute actually, that we have these people who still believes in the power of love. And trying to be optimistic. And to think that most people don’t value the little things in their life. Well, these hopeless romantics value even a tiny tiny piece of love we express to them.
I am not a hopeless romantic, just so you know. I don’t really believe in fairytales, but if it happens to someone, I don’t hate them. Some things just don’t work for others. But I can’t help it that I want to acknowledge the hopeless romantics.
You guys are the best. Thumbs up!


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