typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan

i feel happy and grateful for all the people out there that are helping the Philippines to get up again after typhoon Yolanda wrecked a few cities. i am a Filipino. and to see not just fellow Filipino but also other people from different countries help us in any way they can is heartwarming. the victims of typhoon Yolanda are grateful for all you’ve donated and helped to us. even the little things help. 🙂

just making us feel your presence is enough to push ourselves to stand up and continue living life after Yolanda. even though it didn’t hit Manila, we still felt Yolanda’s strong winds and heavy rains. and knowing that other Filipinos out there are in much more danger than ours is not a good feeling. my relatives live in Iloilo, and even though it didn’t really looked like what Tacloban, Cebu, and Leyte looked like, it still made me sad that a small part of Iloilo was affected, not knowing if your family is okay is more frustrating. 

the things people from around the world helped for the philippines is what making Filipinos start to help the fellow Filipinos.

i just like to thank a few people and countries for showing our support for the Philippines.

-Ms. universe

-SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (go seahawks!!)

– Doug Baldwin

-Empire State Building, New York.

– American Army

-Phillippine Army


-miami heat (i’m a die hard Miami heat fan, BTW. )


i know i didn’t mention some… but that’s the one i remembered right now. but this list isn’t even half of who helped the Phlippines, and I for those I didn’t mention, God knows how thankful not only me, but all the Filipinos, how much your little help made a big difference to every family in the Philippines…


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