Little Love

Unrequited Love

there is one kind of love that is very courageous and suicidal when revealed. and that is, unrequited love.

i know how much unrequited love hurts, because I’ve been there. and being in that situation is quite hard to explain. so bear with me.

unrequited love, is a love that’s only met halfway, one-sided. the whole “i love you, but you don’t love me back” thing… it’s very frustrating.

being able to express your love to someone is a courageous thing to do, because that is not an easy thing to do. people say it is, but it isn’t. not knowing if that person loves you back is the most cliff hanging part of expressing love. 

what if that person doesn’t love you back? what would you do? some are drowning themselves with alcohol, or other vices, but some just wallow at the lost of not just a someone, but maybe also a friendship, or whatever relationship you’ve both managed to developed. when you express you’re love to someone, you’re also risking a lot of things in the process. are you willing to risk everything for that someone? 

some people never hesitate and answer yes right away when asked that question, of course, it’s all about making the first move, or what they call “the leap of faith.”, as a popular book and movie said, “may the odds be ever in your favor.” but what if the odds are not in your favor? tsk tsk tsk. 

i loved someone before. he didn’t know i had a crush on him you know, the puppy love kind of thing… but before it felt like real love for me.. i must be out of my mind before. eventually, the time came and he knew that i had a crush on him. at first, i tried with all my might to deny it, but i got tired i guess… i confessed. and he didn’t even listen to me, he just dismissed me, like what i’m saying is a joke, and tomorrow it’ll be gone. but it wasn’t gone. i was a total fool.  

Now… Watching movies with unrequited love, and reading them in books are making me feel queasy and reminds me of a moment in my life that I’d rather forget….
for all the people out there who had the courage to express what they felt even if they got dumped in the end, I salute you!!!!

And for those who are not manning up yet, don’t be such a pussy!


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