disgusting students

so i just got home from school … and today is EXHAUSTING.. *whew*

i’m just so glad that today is over.. 🙂

so back to my story… the whole faculty are talking about twitter posts that the students are posting these past days.. most of the post, (as i’d checked before writing this) are a little bit harsh, bitter, mean, discriminating.. and the even write the names of the teachers or staff that they tease.. it’s like can’t they just censored it or something? like use a code name for the person.. it’s a public communication people!! a lot of person can see what you posted! and it’s YOUR school!! what the heck are your problems with the school?! if you hate our school, then leave! for pete’s sake, no one’s stopping you!

i’m just a bit mad, that these people don’t think that they are stepping on other people’s HUMAN RIGHTS. i know we have the right to express ourselves.. but don’t step on others in the process..

what i want to say to those students? : you’re such a douchebag..

please check my “disconnect” post so you’ll know that this is also a disadvantage of the world wide web..


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