Singing sisters

I just got home from my dear school… And exhausted from a 10 minute Wall from there to my house..
I’m so tired that I don’t really much care if I didn’t do my assignments… ( children please don’t follow my wrong doings…) And I 5 minutes ago I was lying in Bed trying to take a nap when suddenly my Very talented sister started singing… -__-
It’s not that she’s a bad singer, She’s a great one actually compared to my voice… But I’m so tired abd she won’t stop singing different songs… She’s a pain int he ass sometimes. But I love her..
I should post some vídeos of her singing sometimes… 🙂 don’t worry I will.. 🙂 I’m just in the middle if a hectic quarter in school.. plus the quarterly exams are close… Hmmph…
Laters guys.. :/


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