YES! i’m so freaking done! 

wheew!! i just finished my oratorical piece for my English project… and i feel happy so happy! and satisfied overly satisfied!! and soo whimsical!!! 🙂

okay… so it’s not my first time to make an oratorical… but the first time,  i hyperventilated… just because i had no idea what an oratorical is. but then… right now.. i’m panicking.. care to ask why? just about because my very dear English teacher gave the theme about a week before the deadline… WHO DOES THAT?! i mean really..  WHO GIVES AN ORATORICAL PIECE AS A PROJECT CONSISTING OF NOT LESS THAN 300 WORDS AND IS EXPECTED TO BE PASSED A WEEK AFTER?! obviously, my English teacher does.. and i’m that kind of girl who wouldn’t pass her paper if she’s not satified with it..

i literally spent about 4 days reading the theme which is, “the ability to persist in life is the willingness to learn the ropes and gain confidence in the process.” and trying to understand it and apply my past experiences to it.. and spent the last two nights to make the piece.. and last night at 11:46 in the evening, i finished my piece!! YEY!! 🙂 kind of happy for myself actually.. 😀 

so, i’m going to post my piece soon.. just wait for it.. 😉 

oh, and i mentioned my first oratorical didn’t i? the theme of that one was “i am the change”. and i totally got into the finals, i recited my piece in the whole school, which is a little bit frightening.. but worth the experience.. so i’m just wishing my new piece can top my piece from last year… i really wish… 🙂 *crossed fingers!* so i’m going to post my “i am the change” oratorical piece to soon… 🙂 


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